NorCal Emergency Medical Training is the only American Heart Association Authorized Training Center (CA 20794) in the Greater Sacramento Area.
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Medical Professionals

BLS (Healthcare Provider CPR)
ACLS - Initial
ACLS - Renewal
PALS - Initial
PALS - Renewal
NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation)
'On-Line' - Official AHA Classes

Public/ Community

CPR & AED plus First Aid
CPR & AED only (no First Aid)

Online American Heart Association Classes

Get Certified in Official American Heart Association ‘Blended Training’ On-Line Classes!

NorCal Emergency Medical Training, LLC now offers American Heart Association (AHA) eLearning as an alternative to traditional classroom training. Part 1 of the course includes cognitive learning that allows students to complete the online portion of a class at their own pace. Part 2 and Part 3 requires student to meet with an American Heart Association instructor for an in-person practice and skills session where the student will gain comfort performing these critical skills.

At NorCal Emergency Medical Training, we understand that our students are busy and have full schedules. That is why we are pleased to be able  to offer online portions of our trainings. You save time by being able to go at your own pace instead of sitting in a classroom for hours. You gain flexibility by being able to do the training at your leisure. You still benefit from the in-person instruction you gain during the hands-on portion of the training, but without having to sacrifice multiple days sitting in a classroom listening to an instructor and watching videos.

BLS for Healthcare Provider

Online Course

The Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider Online Part 1 Course offers a flexible training option for busy healthcare professionals who would like to either renew their healthcare provider card or for the first-time user who would like to initially certify for CPR. The complete course is delivered in three parts. Part 1 delivers the cognitive learning through Web-based, self-paced modules. Parts 2 and 3 require students to meet with an American Heart Association Instructor to complete a hands-on skills practice session and a skills test. Upon successful completion of all three parts, students will receive their BLS for HealthCare Provider course completion card.

During the Course:

  • Interactive questions and video segments
  • Student can start, stop, and return to modules as needed
  • Flexibility to complete at home or work
  • Fast implementation! Forget classroom schedule delays
  • Downloadable student review guide available up to 6 months after initial completion

After the Course:

  1. Schedule your Skills Evaluation Session by submitting our Contact Form
  2. Print out and bring Certificate to the Skills Evaluation Session
  3. Skills times vary depending on class (BLS is approx. 1 hour and ACLS and PALS 5 hours)
  4. Certification Cards are the exact American Heart Association (2 Year Certification) card you would receive if you attended a full length class.

As a busy health professional, you are not always available to take classes whenever they happen to be offered. You may not really be available to take classes at all, especially if they last for hours. At NorCal Emergency Medical Training, we understand that long classroom instruction cuts into time you could be at home getting some much-needed rest or chipping away at your to-do list.  This is why we offer portions of our training online. Everything you could get by listening to classroom lectures and watching classroom videos, you can now get by listening to those lectures and watching those videos at home. During the online portion you will be quizzed and tested to ensure that you learned the information that was presented in the online training portion.

For the hands-on section of the training, it is necessary that you come to the classroom and work in person with an instructor. This allows the instructor to ensure that you have the correct technique and that you are doing it right. However, your time in the classroom is more efficient and effective because you only have to be present for the in-person section. Since you were able to get the information through the online training portion of your certification, you do not need to spend any more time in the classroom than is absolutely necessary.  American Heart Association course matrix recommends BLS skills lasting approximately 1 hour and ACLS and PALS skills approximately 5 hours.

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