CPR Certification Class Sacramento

Two locations in Sacramento to better serve CPR Certifications

If you need to get your CPR certificate for your job, you have come to the right place at NorCal Emergency Medical Training. We offer CPR certification classes that are taught by expert instructors, at times that are convenient to you and at prices that are affordable. There are many jobs that require you to have CPR training. Hopefully, you will never have to use it, but if a medical emergency arises CPR can help you keep someone alive until emergency medical services arrive.

Many people think that CPR is difficult and complicated. It is not. These are simple, easy to remember techniques that you use to make sure that a victim’s heart is beating and blood is circulating in the event of a medical emergency. If someone is not breathing and does not have a pulse, their brain is not getting oxygen. They will suffer brain damage if they do not get medical attention immediately, and they will die very quickly if they continue to not get help. With CPR, you can keep someone alive until help comes.

Even if you do not need CPR certification for your job, it is an important skill to have. It can help you save a life.

At NorCal Emergency Medical Training, we will teach you how to identify medical emergencies that require CPR, what to do if someone is choking, and how to modify CPR techniques for adults, children, and infants. You will get to practice on dummies so that you will know what it feels like and have confidence in your ability to help someone who is having a medical emergency.

We offer CPR certification classes in Sacramento, at our Roseville Location, and our Rancho Cordova Location. Check out our class schedule and sign up to reserve your seat!


1512 Eureka Rd #105
Roseville, CA 95661
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Rancho Cordova

2941 Sunrise Blvd. Suite 230
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
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