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CPR Certifications in Sacramento for Childcare Professionals

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) in Sacramento, CA

If you work with children, chances are you are required to carry a CPR certification and be trained in these critical lifesaving techniques. While many jobs require CPR certifications, childcare provider CPR classes are somewhat different because children need a different method than adults do. Children are smaller and weigh less, and their bones are less strong than those of adults, in general. Therefore there are some modifications to the technique that childcare providers need to know about in case any of the children in their care are ever in a medical emergency.

Children have a tendency to get themselves injured. As a childcare provider, you are already required to keep your location safe from anything that might harm the children in your care. However, children seem to find ways to hurt themselves even when there is absolutely nothing dangerous around. If there are no choking hazards around, they can still choke on a green bean. Some children, it seems, could injure themselves in a completely padded room. As a childcare provider, no matter how hard you work to make sure that your childcare areas are completely safe, you still have to be prepared for your pupils to get hurt.

With childcare provider classes from NorCal Emergency Medical Training, you will get the knowledge and practice you need to be able to give CPR to a child. You will also learn what you need to do for first aid for common and urgent medical emergencies that children might get themselves into. You will be ready no matter what happens so that you can keep your children safe and healthy.


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