ACLS – Initial Training Class Sacramento

ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. This class will teach you to help people who are having major cardiovascular emergencies such as cardiac arrests or strokes. If you are looking for your renewal, please visit our ACLS Renewal Training Class.

The first and most basic skill you need to know for cardiovascular emergencies is CPR. The ACLS class at NorCal Emergency Medical Training will teach you the most current CPR methods of chest compressions and support breaths. You will also learn how to use a defibrillator and other essential tools for saving patients’ lives during a cardiovascular emergency.

The ACLS-Initial class at NorCal Emergency Medical Training is designed for people who have never learned ACLS techniques or skills before. We will go in depth on these techniques to make sure you understand these techniques and that you are completely comfortable with administering ACLS. We will work through a variety of scenarios to teach you how to identify a cardiac arrest and a stroke, as well as emergencies such as choking and drowning which can result in a cardiac emergency. You will have hands-on instruction so that if you are ever in a situation where you need to use your ACLS training, you will be able to rely on muscle memory and instinct as well as your intellectual knowledge.

Cardiac emergencies are stressful situations where it is very easy to panic and forget what you are supposed to do. The goal of ACLS training is to get you to where you know what to do in an emergency situation without having to think about it. At NorCal Emergency Medical Training, our job is to get you to a point where you can help someone who is having a medical emergency, even if you feel like panicking. When everyone else around you freezes, you need to be the one who is calm and collected, who checks for a pulse and for breathing, and who begins chest compressions if there is no pulse. We will train you so that you can save lives. Whether you need ACLS training for your job or just because you want to be able to handle any emergency that comes your way, NorCal Emergency Medical Training has the class for you. We offer ACLS Initial trainings in Sacramento, Roseville, and Rancho Cordova. Check out our class schedule and sign up today!


1512 Eureka Rd #105
Roseville, CA 95661
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Rancho Cordova

2941 Sunrise Blvd. Suite 230
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
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